About Us

How we got started...

The Luxe Therapy Hair Care line was created by Crystal Haynes, a hair stylist motivated to discover a safe solution to relieve the notorious itch related to wearing hair extensions for both herself and her clients.  She, as well as her clients were using items like bobby pins and rat-tail combs to get to that hard to reach itch. This incessant itch is a notorious problem for women who wear protective hairstyles, but using foreign objects to sooth itch can injure the scalp causing sores and hair follicle damage. Not only you risk damaging the scalp, but the relief is short lived. Out of the necessity to instantly alleviate itch and address other scalp issues, Luxe Therapy was born specifically with you in mind. Finally a haircare line that is pro-hair choice for real women.

In addition to The Patented Scalp Soother™ the Luxe Therapy line also includes a complete haircare line of products, moisturizing enough for natural hair and gentle enough for hair extensions.  The line includes vegan shampoos, conditioners and scalp treatments.