Terms & Conditions

-To apply for distributorship of Luxe Therapy products, prospective salons are required to completely fill out an Enrollment Application. Distributor decisions are within the sole discretion of Luxe Therapy. Once distributorship has been approved, you will be allowed to order product in specified quantities Purchase Form along with your distributor invoices or account print outs.


  1. The salon is entitled to the benefits set forth in the Luxe Loyalty agreement, as it may be modified periodically.

  2. The Salon Owner(s) agree(s) to follow the distribution policies of Luxe Therapy and its Distributor, including any restrictions or policies that appear on bottles or packaging. Those policies include: Luxe Therapy products are designed for consumer use and are sold only to professional salons with the express understanding that the salons may resell Luxe Therapy retail products only to their clients for home maintenance use. These retail sales are based upon professional's knowledge of their client's hair and beauty needs, as well as an appreciation of each client's particular hair condition and requirements. It is agreed that a professional salon is a salon in which (i) at least 50% of the total square footage of the usable floor space of the entire business is devoted to the regular performance of cosmetological services, and (ii) at least 50% of the total revenues received from all services at the establishment's location are payments for cosmetological services performed on the premises. Any deviation from these policies is a violation of the Agreement and will result in immediate termination of this Agreement. If Luxe Therapy commences litigation against you for breaching this provision, and proves such breach, you agree the Luxe Therapy shall be entitled to an injunction against you prohibiting any further breach; damages; and all costs incurred by Luxe Therapy or its Distributors to recover any such products.

  3. Salons must also maintain minimum purchase levels. If a Luxe Therapy Distributor or Salon does not achieve the specific qualification levels for three consecutive quarters, Luxe Therapy reserves the right to terminate the salon's Distributor status.

  4. Luxe Therapy reserves the right to cancel or change the program at any time with or without prior notice.

  5. By participating in the Luxe Therapy Distributor program, the Salon, for itself and its employees, releases and discharges Luxe Therapy, LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates and the officers, directors, employees and agents of each of the foregoing, from any and all claims, losses, damages, fines, penalties or other liabilities of any kind whatsoever .